Africa Fashion Week Brasil

African Fashion

—Creation of Web Site for launch

Client: Instituto FEAFRO

City: Sao Paulo SP

Year: 2023

The challenge

Create a website for capturing Leads, transmitting the brand identity and information about the event and its location. All in an extremely tight time frame.

The solution

We created a complete website with a registration system available in two languages: English and Portuguese. The website design was perfectly aligned with the visual identity of the Africa Fashion Week brand.


An incredible event, full of people, and several contacts, even business contacts, coming through the site.

How we help AFWB

AFWB did not have a website and gave us the task of producing a complete website that would meet the need to increase the customer base. In the beginning, they used bad hosting for the size of the site it would require, so we brought it to our business partner Hostinger, and we started the development of the site.

We created an Uptime system to check for bugs on the site over time, and we managed to make the site stay up all day without interruptions.